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Organic Manure

We are also engaged in the manufacture of wormi composed, reputed bio-logical organic manure which helps farmer to increase their yield.




A high-tech Bio-Lab has been established by the mill. Tricogram Cards are developed in this lab to control harmful insects in the Sugar Cane fields. The cards are issued to the cane growers at a nominal price. These cards have large number of useful insects & placed by the farmers in the cane fields, as prescribed by the Agriculture experts. The useful inspects multiply to large number in few days and control the growth of farmers insects through this process, the yield per acre and recovery of cane is improved a lot.



Waste Water Treatment

We are landing a helping hand in the national movement of preventing & controlling environmental and water pollution. This mill is having individuals and latest devices for preventing environmental pollution besides the installation of independent plant for treatment of waste water by converting it into water of quality good enough for irrigation purpose.


The mill management has signed an agreement with UCO Bank, Branch- Nakodar, regarding loan to cane growers of the mill area. The bank advances loan to the cane growers for cane development at concessional rate of interest, under this agreement.




Mill is providing tissue culture plant on 33% subsidy and insecticides and pesticide on 25% subsidy to cane growers for soil and seed treatment